The builder images are strongly recommended over the "old school" way (downloading the libraries manually), since the builder images have all necessary compilers and third-party libraries installed, the Slice libraries and header files in the standard locations, etc. If you still prefer to download an archive despite this, make sure you have the required tools and dependencies.

If you're resorting to using these libraries because there is not a builder image available for your platform, feel free to request your platform to be added to the CI pipelines.

The Slice development libraries are available for Windows and for Linux. MacOS builds may be available upon request.

Slice uses these libraries:

Current versions of Slice and the first-party extensions:

Slice (slice: sl...)

Slice Simple Options Menu (sliceopts: op...)

Slice FPS Counter (slicefps: fps...)

Slice 2D World System (slice2d: s2d...)

Slice 3D World System (slice3d: s3d...)

Slice Graphs (slicewave: graphs...)

To see what has changed between versions, check the changelogs.